Starcite Nails Niskayuna, N.Y. LAZY AND RUDE!!!

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After a long day of work, my friend and I decided to get pedicures.My usual place Deluxe Nail Spa (a few doors down) was booked until the next day.

So we decided to give these guys a shot. Bad choice. Our pedicures took ten minutes and consisted of boiling hot water, one swipe of a file on the big toe, some cuticle removing, some foot light scrubbing with what appeared to be a used "one use" pumice, a massage that looked like she was used to giving happy endings (don't want a tugger on my foot thanks) and the shittiest paint job I have ever received.

To top it all off, they got pissy when we confirmed we only wanted a pedicure and were obviously talking about my us in a different language.Just throwing this out there, the two of us are not extremely picky this service just sucked balls and it is completely not worth your money.

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